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Upper Cervical Chiropractic

A Full Spine and Body Adjustment. One of the most frequently asked questions to an upper cervical chiropractic practitioner(UCC) is, “How does just adjusting my upper neck effect my low back/digestion/sciatica/infertility...?" The answer is easy.


Cervical Traction


Using the Pettibon Z-line traction system we help restore the proper alignment of the cervical spine while providing a decompression to the spinal discs to help rehydrate injured or previously damaged joints and intervertebral discs...


X-Ray- “To see is to know”


We utilize a laser aligned digital high frequency system to reduce exposure, increase accuracy of adjustment techniques, and monitor spinal healing as our clients progress through care...


New at Natural Spine!

Bemer PEMF Therapy

 BEMER is a biophysical treatment that activates the body’s self-regulatory mechanisms to support optimal health. A patented biorhythmic impulse is sent to the body stimulating a temporary increase of local blood flow and enhanced muscular performance.
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Gain insight to improve your health and feel better every day. 

Get a full body scan and report with tips on how to build your health.

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Mental/Brain Therapeutic Exercise

Techniques, systems, and exercises that can help radically reduce your healing time while simultaneously empowering you to create positive changes for a lifetime...



This revolutionary online program brings the latest advancements in nutrition, detoxification, and brain-body connection into the comfort of your home. Join for free by simply clicking below. 



The word "doctor" is Latin for; “to teach”. At Natural Spine our goal is to provide services that help our clients get better easier, faster, and more cost effectively than any other system on the marketplace... 


Natural Spine in 100 Words

Healthy posture is vital for optimal health, neurological function, and energy levels.  Flow whenever possible. You are what you eat has eaten, and been grown in; choose responsibly.  Health is the first wealth; invest wisely.  You vote with your dollars, spend consciously.  Our bodies are intelligently designed, respect yours. Practice Gratitude and Forgiveness. We largely control our biological aging process through lifestyle choices.  Meditate daily. Be open hearted. Love yourself first. Embrace your purpose. True intelligence is how intelligently you choose to live your life.  Inspire the next generation to make vitalistic choices for their mind, body and spirit.  Dream.

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