Do Not Miss This Workshop!

Natural Spine Chiropractic Center is excited to present a morning gathering with Dr. Gamm.

Join him at Crater Fitness in Decorah on October 8th from 9am-noon.  

Click below to purchase your ticket or stop by the clinic during normal business hours.

$10 in advance

$20 at the door if there is room remaining.


Dinner on the Doc: Thyroid

If you've struggled with fatigue, poor sleep, yo-yo emotions & hormones and would like a holistic approach back to better health, read on. This month, Dr. Gamm will introduce cutting edge techniques to improve these and many more symptoms through our 4 Pillars of Health. Join us for this special opportunity to share, learn & grow.









Anxiety & Depression

Rubaiyat's in Decorah

If you are interested in hearing what Natural Spine Chiropractic Center has to offer, please join Dr. Gamm at Rubaiyat's, Northeast Iowa's premier & national award-winning restaurant. He will be providing dinner and sharing over 20 years of experiences and knowledge. His mission is to inspire our community in taking action steps toward a holistic way of life.  

The October topic addresses Anxiety & Depression. 

Discover how a holistic approach utilizing the 4 Pillars of Health, with emphasis on mindfulness, can allow the light in and open a new chapter in your life. 

*** Please do not register unless you are confident you will be able to attend. Seating is limited and we prepay for all meals. ***


Dinner Options:

  •  Swedish Meatballs

Smashed potatoes / green beans / lingonberry jam 

  •  Pasta Rubaiyat

Shrimp / scallop / blue crab / fresh basil / linguini / house made alfredo (ability to be gluten free and/or vegetarian)

  •  Herb Encrusted Norwegian Salmon

Fall slaw / apple cider vinaigrette / Minnesota wild rice / asparagus  (gluten free)


Significant others are encouraged to accompany you. Be sure to include their name and dinner option at the time of registration.

 Please no food substitutions or children under 18.

Alcoholic beverages not included. 


Be Our Guest

“There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will.”

*Not for existing clientele. Please inquire in-clinic for more information on the topic.*


Natural Spine Events

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Experience the 4 Pillars of Health!

We are stepping up & stepping out to bring the Driftless area live events centered around health & wellness. Here's a few to be on the lookout for:

  • Quarterly Challenges/Workshops - Open to all
  • Informative Dinners designed for those new to & curious about Natural Spine
  • Annual Lifebook Cohorts - Build your best life
  • Pop-up Appearances

Find out how key information, group settings, and a little fun can elevate your wellness game to new levels.