Dr. Scott Gamm

Dr. Scott Gamm is a Northeast Iowa native who brings over 20 years of experience working in private practice around the country back to the Driftless area.

He is one of only a few hundred practitioners of straight upper cervical chiropractic in the world, and has built some of the largest clinics in the country using this extremely specific type of care.

Dr. Gamm has lectured at seminars, chiropractic colleges, major corporations, non-profits and small businesses about how to use simple concepts within health and wellness to transform challenges into significant gains towards participant’s goals.

It is with incredible enthusiasm that he is bringing this new healing modality back “home”.


It's MORE than just "Chiropractic"

Listen to Dr. Gamm explain why he chose the chiropractic profession and what he hopes to bring forward in everyone who seeks guidance for a healthier version of themselves.


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