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We want to make it easy for everyone in the family to be the best version of themselves! It shouldn't come at a hefty cost either. Ask about our kid's program and special pricing. 

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Family Chiropractic at Natural Spine

SuperBrain Yoga

You may have already heard of the amazing benefits SBY has for adults, but it is by far the BEST short exercise for kids to regain focus and calm their very active minds. Our patients have even made it a family challenge to add a little healthy competition! Check out one of the youngest SBY olympians taking it in stride. 💗

Families are as diverse as the colors in a crayon box.
Our spines protects the body's superhighway to all of its complex systems.

Let's Align

Children are just as susceptible to the forces of gravity and impact as adults. It is important to make sure their structure is growing and forming in the best possible way. When out of alignment, they will feel unwell but have less understanding of how to communicate this so it presents as physical or behavioral issues. Specific spinal care can make all the difference. Ask about our special pricing plan for children!


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Child Patient Form

"Our preschooler was always a rambunctious little guy in class. Always wandering or interrupting the teacher. After just 2 months of seeing Dr. Gamm, the teacher pulled me aside and told me (without any prompting) how much he has really calmed down during class time and is almost always the first one to get to work in small groups. He is sleeping better at night and has fewer outbursts during the day. Cannot say enough good things about Dr. Gamm, his practice and the impact he has made on our entire family."

- Stephanie F.

Weak Immune Systems

When your child's spine is misaligned, their bodies are unable to function properly. There is a breakdown between the Central Nervous and Immune Systems. Messages from the brain to vital organs are interrupted, leaving them susceptible to illness.

Allergies and/or Asthma

Histamines are a biochemical produced in the body and involved with local immune response. They are designed to protect you from "the baddies" but their hyper response will leave your kiddos with allergy symptoms - including food allergies, inflammation, asthma, and even hives. When the immune system is overly stressed by misalignment, the body can get overwhelmed with additional histamines produced. Specific spinal adjustments reduce this stress on the body. This can aid in decreasing allergy & asthmatic symptomatology.

Behavioral Issues

From as early as birth, different traumas on a child's spine can lead to indescribable pressure on their nerves. Where it may seem they are acting out, it could be their inability to communicate the pain or pressure happening internally. Messages from the brain could be thwarted as well, creating frustration. A study in 2010 noted remarkable improvements through chiropractic care in ADHD symptoms, as well as other behavioral and emotional difficulties.

Poor Posture or Sleep Patterns

Technology is great! Except when it comes to posture or sleep patterns. The weight of a head shifted is +10 lbs for every inch forward. That is a lot of pressure on a little body! Tech neck and other side effects of cell phones, tablets and handheld video game units are more prevalent in the younger generations. Correcting the issue sooner than later can make a difference in a lifetime of well-being.