Natural Spine Chiropractic Center

Decorah, Iowa

Optimizing Health & Wellness

through Chiropractic Care

for over 20 years

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NEW Technology!

BEMER Group & Menla Technologies will revolutionize the approach to health in the Driftless Area! 

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NEW Supplements!

We are always testing new products so you don't have to. Stop in & ask about the latest supplements we have in stock for overall cellular health, focus & THE BEST sleep of your life!

What We Do

At The Natural Spine Chiropractic Center, we believe in giving you all the tools you need to get and stay healthy.

More Than Just Chiropractic

We focus on providing information and an environment that allows our patients to not only feel better, but actually build their health.


The Tools You Need

At The Natural Spine Chiropractic Center, we address four essential categories simultaneously; creating a quantum leap in your overall health.

Spinal Health

Learn the foundational exercises to create a healthy spine and nervous system by utilizing traction, stretching, brain optimization techniques and specific spinal adjustments.


Discover the simple and easy-to-implement nutritional concepts to maximize energy and detoxify your body.


Bioaccumulation of manmade toxins can overwhelm our body's systems. Advanced cleanse products and practices help the body remove these excess toxins to restore health. 


Understand how you can achieve a greater level of health through the connection of physical and mental practices. 


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